Illustration Friday - soar

This weeks subject is also my goal for the coming year: I hope to soar as much as possible, me and my glider. Good thermals and happy landings, as us paragliders eachother always wish.


Illustration Friday - Horizon

The higher you climb, the wider your horizon.
Everybody all the best for the years to come.

Almost a white christmas

A couple of days ago we had a little snowfall. It wasn't much, but enough to give you 'the white christmas spirit'. Furthermore we could skate on some canals, together with the whole family and some additional hot chocos with rum (always helpfull to get into a good skate-flow). It was a perfect day: blue air, ice and snow, no wind. It lasted only for one day, so now we are facing a green christmas. But at least we got the pictures...
The little fellow above had more luck with the snow. It was one of four commissioned illustrations I made last week for a Dutch weekly newspaper. It will be published this coming saturday. Ink and watercolor on 300 grs Canson.


Illustration Friday - Backwards

At the start of the skiingseason my technique is always a bit rusty. It takes a couple of days before I take the descend as a "pro" (although my wife and friends always think otherwise). The first days in the snow I always have to take care not to end up skiing backwards. Or hit a pole, or getting launched without warning or make an inconvenient dive into a snowwall.


Illustration Friday - Little Things

Just a girl writing little things in a letter to a friend...


Simca Aronde

It's rather a busy week, so I don't have much time to upload stuff. This drawing is from my Classic Cars series that I've set up a couple of weeks ago. It's the pickup version of the Simca Aronde. I don't know the exact productiondata of this version, but it must have been at the end of the fifties.
Pen and Ink in black and white on 300 grs Watercolour paper.