Sometimes time seems just to be invented to let you know that you're too late. For instance last week time was apparently running faster. A good friend of ours missed the train she planned to take to get on time to our place. My wife and I were almost too late to appear on a television show and on top of that: I was too late to update my drawing for the weekly topic on Illustration Friday!
Hopefully the time-cycle will be repaired this week...


Farewell to Cevennes

This is the fourth drawing I made regarding my holiday in France, back in 1995. It's always relaxing to draw something you were impressed by during your stay. It sort of brings back good memories. Although I don't remember what part of the scenery impressed me most when I was standing on this spot. I guess the serenity of a little village in a empty landscape.


Common facts about worms, chapter 583

For worms with flying ambitions it's recommended to fly by strings attached to a balloon. Other forms of transportation through the air proved to be a failure.


IF - Packed

With the first showers of rain to prove Autumn is coming our way, the camping gear is packed and stowed away on the attic. Waiting for next years Summer. My wife has already picked a place where we might be going. A place with lots of nice playing spots for the kids and good conditions to cycle. It's even near the sea, so could one asks for more? Perhaps sunny weather, because this year we had numerous days to test if our tent was waterproof...