We went out for a short holiday-break. I packed my sketchbook with the intention to make sketches of people. But as often the case during my holidays, I didn't drew half as much of what I intended to do, nor something which came close to the subject. But that's also the meaning of a holiday I guess: doing as little as possible or at least nothing which look like 'work'.
This sketch in my moleskine is a quick one made of our mugs on the table in our little cabin. It's a bit of a coincidence that this subject fits this weeks topic on Illustration Friday. So, even when I didn't drew as much as I'd planned to do, I still can make a posting on my weblog. That's also a bit 'double', I think.


Parking prohibited



It looks like summertime finally begins: lots of sunshine and high temperatures. Time to pack your camping gear and hike.
Five years ago we bought our first family tent. We went out to Italy, with our two kids. Mostly it's nice weather in Italy, but not that time. We had very low temperatures at night and lots of rain at daytime. On our way back home we even had a snowstorm on the Brenner. In June!
At least we discovered our tent was waterproof, although it was very cold at night. Luckily our daughter was too young to remember how cold it was during the nights. All she wants nowadays is going to a campingsite. Allthough she rather go with a camper. Maybe that's a result of the weatherconditions we experienced than in Italy. You never know. At this moment we haven't made plans where we're going to this year. Our son doesn't care, as long there's a swimmingpool with a big slide.
I made this drawing when I used the tent at a short paragliding holiday in the Jura. I didn't use the sleeping cabin, which make the tent twice as big, because wife and kids stayed at home.
Pen and watercolor on 300 grs Fabriano.