Today I started a black and white drawing of my most favourable Porsche: the 356 Speedster. It will be quite a challenge, so it might take a few days before I can show you the result. Until then I made a quick drawing of the Porsche badge for you.
I found out that the horse in the middle isn't a link to that other car manufacturer with a horse in his badge, but instead it's a link to the city of Stuttgart. That's where the factory is. The first Porsche was made in Austria, but that is just a little sidenote in the history of this manufacturer of iconic cars.
Black and white drawing, made with my Visconti pen, 6 x 10 cm.


Sketch with ballpoint

Started doodling some sort of metall cone which resulted in a sketch of a horn old cars used to have. Ballpoint 21,25 x 25,46 cm.


Illustration Friday - Sky

Drawing with pen and ink isn't sometimes enough to express what you want. Occasionally I add watercolor to my drawings. For long I've had troubles painting the sky, until someone taught me how to: wet the paper, use a light blue and a darker one and then 'paint' the sky with a sponge. Being not afraid to mix the two colors on your paper. For me this gave fantastic results, I must say. And it's also a quick method to paint an expressive sky.


Bugatti T59

Completing this drawing took quite some research. Working from pictures of a very rare type of classic car, in this case a Bugatti T59 from the 1930's, means that there are not many pictures to choose from. Especially not in exactly the right angle you've choosen for your drawing. So, after several sketches this became the final result.
Pen and ink, 21 x 30 cm.



Currently I'm working on a black and white drawing of a Bugatti T59. This wasn't a very successful racer in Bugatti's racing history. It won only a few Grand Prix in 1934 and 1935.
It was quite an effort to find enough pictures with good views on the details of this car. Always important when drawing a "technically inspired" piece.
During my research I also found some pictures of old Bugatti logo's. This is one from the early 1930's. I made a pen drawing of it with my Visconti-pen, also from Italy.


MTB Quick Release Front Mudguard

Last night I had to fix my daughter's MTB quick release front mudguard. The mudguard became a bit too much "quick release" lately. After some attempts in the recent past to fix it the way it was supposed to be (but never properly worked) I now fixed the mudguard with some serious screws, spacers and nuts.  So let's find out how long that stay in place.