Sometimes history lies just around the corner. Take for instance this old church, destroyed in 1573, in a village not far from where I live. During the war with Spain the Dutch destroyed this church during the siege of Leiden, to prevent the Spanish soldiers taking shelter in the building during the cold winter. Since then the church hasn't been restored, making it a sort of war memorial 'avant la lettre'.
Pen and ink, 20 x 25 cm.


Citroën HY

The Citroën HY was produced between 1947 and 1981. There were more than 400,000 sold, in all different kinds. Due to the fact that engine, gearbox and steering were all situated in the front, many varieties could be made. For instance campers, delivery vans, pickups or snackcars. A typical example of 'Form Follows Function'. Source: Wikipedia.
Drawing made with ink and watercolor.


Sketched Citroën HY

As a result of this week's topic on Illustration Friday, namely "Transportation", I got inspired and made this sketch of an old van. It's the Citroën HY, which bring back good memories of childhood days.
Pencil sketch from a photograph.


Illustration Friday Transportation

This weeks topic of Illustration Friday is: Transportation. As it's also harvest time everywhere and especially at vineyards I thought this drawing of a Peugeot pickup stationed near two winebarrels would be a perfect match with the subject. It covers at least three of my favorists: vintage cars, wine and drawing.
We also have grapes in our garden, but each year they taste different. This year, for instance, the grapes taste very sour. Although I've added quite an amount of chalk to the soil this Spring. Perhaps we've had a shortage of sunshine this Summer.
Pen and watercolor