IF - Worry


BBQ logo

It's almost summer and time to: B-B-Q! For the bbq in our neighbourhood I've made this logo. It was a bit of a struggle to fit everything in the somewhat tight dimensions in which it will be used for the final design. It's supposed to be used on the invitations in combination with the copy, which is always more than suitable. Especially when you're the guy who wants to make a big, tasty illustration.
As you can see I left the hamburgers out. After all, we can always go to our friend Ronald McDonald afterwards....


Wide pants

When I saw this week's topic of Illustration Friday the first thing that came in my mind was the wide pants we used to wear in the seventies. The time of The Osmonds, Jackson Five and The Bay City Rollers. Not to mention my favourites then: Slade, Mud and The Sweet. Those were the days!
When I was drawing the wide pants and the shoes with huge soles (yes, I had them too!) as you can see above, I remembered what David Letterman said a couple of weeks ago. I like to see his shows and the fantastic group of musicians around Paul Schafer! I'm glad they broadcast the show over here again after several years of abstinence.


IF - Electricity

For this week's challenge on Illustration friday I've choosen to sketch the electricity which can occur between two individuals who are attracted to each other. After all: spring is in the air! Technique used is once again pen and watercolor on somewhat obscure drawing paper.


Holiday sketches

The summerly conditions made me look for sketches I made on holidays I've had in the past. The sketch which most dated back, was the one I made in 1988, due to a vacation in the former Republic of Yugoslavia.
I went by bus, a terrible way to travel: it took more than 27 hours to get to our destination! Anyway, the weather, the scenery and the company of some fellow travelers made it a pleasant stay. When I got home (again: after more than a 27 hours journey by bus...) I somehow managed to stay in the holiday mood and made the sketch above. Or rather: a sketched collage.
Technique: pen and watercolor on Canson 300 grs. Unfortunately the dimension of the original is to big for my little scanner, but I guess you get the picture (so to say) of what it is like in Istria.