Releasing The Foot On Time

Nowadays most every racing cycle has some sort of sophisticated toeclip. Adjusting the clip to the amount of force you use to get out of it, is essential. If you don't succeed in releasing your foot on time before you're stopped, it can cause an unpleasant encounter with the tarmac. Which may seriously damaging your bike!
To avoid extra costs because you have to buy another bike (those carbon frames break even looking at them), it's advised to practice relasing your foot. I mostly release only the left foot, having the right foot ready for action. In the beginning I thought it was also a very brilliant idea to release the tension a bit on the left pedal, but that turned into a bit of a painfull moment. One day I was standing on the pedals when suddenly my left foot skipped out of the pedal. Luckily enough I was able to keep control of the bike, but my manly parts weren't very pleased that day...


Jaguar XK 120

A couple of weeks ago I've spotted this car nearby, at the Zandvoort Circuit. It's a left-hand drive Jaguar XK 120. I didn't find the owner to make a chat with him about the car, so I've put his initials on the number plate. As a sort of 'thank you for keeping this car in this splendid condition'. Pen and ink.