Drawing Of A Painting With A Pumpkin

I started doodling with the space around the pumpkin. After finishing it I decided the drawing missed some sort of tension. Some depth.


Wherever I Lay My Hat...

As cycling commuter it's important to have good clothing riding to and from your workingplace. There's a particular item I find most important: the hat. It prevents from sunburn during summer, a cold head in spring and fall and it keeps your glasses dry while cycling through the rain. Cotton hats are the best: not to warm in summer and not to cold in winter. Although I have another hat for extremely cold days, even with earprotection, I prefer cotton. The one I drew here is with me now for almost two years and although my wife says it needs to be replaced, I can't say goodbye: it almost became a part of me.


The Cloud

There's a big fuzz about 'The Cloud'. It's not exactly clear how it looks like, all I know it's a way to storage your documents. Not on your own computer, but somewhere remote. Maybe on a deserted island, with beautiful beaches, a nice climate and friendly people. In that case I'd rather bring my documents on a usb-stick to them for storage reasons. And when I'm zipping my cocktail lying in the shade of a big palmtree I know that these people take good care of my documents, instead of some unknown "cloud". I read an article about the work of Murray Tinkelman lately on the internet. I took the challenge of drawing with my Visconti-pen in that way. Drawing the sky with some clouds seemed on forehand a safe subject to draw. The final result doesn't come close to the work of Tinkelman, of course, but it was fun to do. And that's the whole purpose of drawing, I think.


USB Stick

Not so long ago you could determine someones personality by looking at his or hers collection of books. Nowadays by opening his or hers usb-stick.
A few weeks ago I found a usb stick. It was lying on the street, just as I drew it above. What happened? Was it lost while someone using it? Who lost it? A student bicycling to college, a diplomat going to the airport, a detective maybe or a priest? What kind of data will it capture? Visions of Wikileaks appeared in my mind.
I rushed home to open the usb stick just to find out it was completely empty. That was a bit of a disappointment, I must say. Why does adventure never knocks on my door?
Pen, ink and watercolor.


Illustration Friday - Tree

You can chop off an old tree, but that doesn't stop it from growing.