The plain donut, the one on the left, tasted best...


Drawing exercise made fun

Drawing ellipses is a very good drawing exercise, but can also become very boring. What I try to do to lighten up the exercise is making a subject out of the ellipses. For instance: donuts. They come in a very basic form, are therefore easy subjects, they can be bought mostly everywhere and, last but not least, after finishing your exercise you can eat your drawing model! Is there any other hobby with such an advantage?


Brussels witloof

Although the name is "Brussels witloof", where "wit"stands for "white", the subject tends to be yellowish greeny white.
It's my third attempt to draw a white subject on a white background. And yet again the whiteness is suggested by using colour. Interesting how your mind translates the information seen through your eyes.
Pen and ink and watercolor.



Another attempt to draw white subjects against a white background: mushrooms. Luckily these weren't as big as the ones we once grew by ourselves. That was a fun thing to do, growing our own mushrooms. Very easy with a 1-2-3 starterskit, but it became such a success that we couldn't see mushrooms for a while!
Pen and watercolor.