Easter Morning

This year everything seems to be different at Eastern. First of all we had snow this morning. I can't remember I'd ever see it snowing on Easter. At least not where I come from.
Secondly my wife and I were the first this morning at the breakfast table. Normally our kids get up early on sunday's. We didn't really know what to do with the situation. We allready hidden the Eastern eggs last night so there was not very much to do after baking the buns. We sat there, looked at each other and didn't even had a subject for a nice conversation without the kids...


Spring will arrive soon, they say

When Winter has left, Spring will arrive. That happens every year... But when it exactly will happen is uncertain. Perhaps next week the temperature are reaching normal standards for this time of year. That'll be the day I finally can wear my usual bandana instead the winter hats I mentioned in previous posts.
I usually can cycle with the bandana at the end of February or at the beginning of March. I never had the 'pleasure' to go out cycling without wintergloves and winterhats at the beginning of April. It'll be a historic day, that's for sure.


Winter is still here

As I was looking if I would need new cycling stuff, which is somehow the case almost every year, I came across a helmet cap which I bought last year. I've only used it once on a very cold but sunny ride in January. The cap worked so well that after 20 km my head was all sweaty. It didn't feel very comfortable and I was glad I could take the cap off when I was done with my ride. Maybe the Dutch winters are too mild for this cap. I didn't use it since then.
Furthermore it looks like it was designed by the same guy who designed the caps for the Russian tankcrews, back in the eighties. Yes, you have to be of a certain age knowing how those caps would look like back then...


Functional and Warm

During the winter this is my loyal companion when I'm cycling. Earlier this week it looked like Spring had finally arrived, but it seems that we still be having cold and wet conditions for the next two weeks.
So it's not yet time to stow the warm hats and gloves away. We have to be patient and sit this out. Well, it's not the end of the world.


Woolen Hat

My daughter and I went to the library a couple of days ago. The visit became a typical case of: "Wherever I Lay My Hat, Then It's Gone".
Nobody had seen my cool hat, extra warm in winters because of the double layer. Why should they? It's just a hat.
But not every hat is just a hat. It becomes almost a part of your head when it feels comfortable to wear. Anyway, we had to buy another one and my daughter's choice won: a woolen hat. Nice, cosy, warm and cool, all for the price of... too much, in my opinion.
Pen and ink with Visconti.