Whisky tour

At this time of the year I often develop an appetite for whisky. As does my father-in-law. We are planning to make a whisky tour in Scotland next year, not by our own car, but by bus. Looks a bit more sensible to us, although we're not notorious in our drinking habits. Just nipping is good enough.
To get in the mood I made this sketch, but I think it would be much better to make a ink and watercolor piece out of it.


Renault Estafette

What me intriguied most at the Renault Estafette was the sliding door on the driver's side. As a young child I remember the postal office used these vans as did several other companies delivering goods at my parent's store. The sliding door was a very practical solution, because the driver could get in and out the van without having to open the door everytime.
The engine of the Estafette was dramatically underpowered, so it was mostly used for quick deliveries rather for movements of large and heavy loads.
Pen and ink, washed with watercolor.



I was asked to draw a cartoon about measuring methods for bed sores in the hospital my wife works. It is not yet known if the method I came up with for this drawing will be actually implementated.
Pen and ink and watercolor on Fabriano 300.


Volkswagen Transporter

I'm a bit into delivery vans lately. It's fun to draw them. For instance this Volkswagen Transporter, build in the fifties. It's a Type 2 Volkswagen. Type 1 is the world famous Beetle and Type 2 is actually based on it. Enthusiasts call this Type 2 also "splitty"or "split screens" due to the fact that the front windscreen is split in two. I found a lot of pictures on the internet of this model, so I guess I'm not the only one who likes them.
Pen and ink and watercolor.



As I was inking the drawing of the Citroën HY an idea popped up in my mind about how that vehicle could be used. It can basically be used for almost any kind of work. For instance delivery of goods or transporting people from one place to another. Or, as I sketched above, a tool for two brothers working in the publicity industry. It was great fun making this. For me, not for the two brothers, who aren't having a good time at the looks of it.
Anyway, I can see some elements that aren't quite right yet. Some things are out of proportion or missing. There's a lot of work to be done. I'll post the drawing in a couple of days/weeks when its ready.