Holy Smoke

My wife has a certain habit: she collects Catholic paterfernalia to lighten up our toilet. For instance several religious candles. I drew one just to let you see in what kind of environment we are doing our "you-know-what" thing.
Apart from the somewhat unique setting our toilet is also a great place to get inspired about what to draw when I am really having an illustrator's block. Over the years I've made several sketches of the objects in our toilet and I've planned to work some of those sketches out.


Neuveville, part two

The sketch with watercolor I posted yesterday looks somehow a bit "weak". After adding lines in ink the whole sketch looks much more powerfull to me. Perhaps because I'm more familiar to this style of drawing: good old ink and watercolor and occasionally a pen drawing. That's the thing for me.


Neuveville, Switzerland

Neuveville is a quite, little town on the shores of Lake Biel in Switzerland. I made this quick watercolor sketch of the city gate, while I spend a day there waiting for some better weather to paraglide in the hills closeby.
It was a sunny day, people were having fun at the shores of the lake: sailing, walking, cycling, roller skating. Just having a good time on their day off at Ascension Day. Too bad I didn't fly on that day!