Cevennes revisited

Somehow the scenery of The Cevennes in France prooved to be a great inspiration for me. I don't know why, but after the first time ever I visited this part of France, I've said that I would come back. A few years after my first visit I did indeed and I had almost the same experience as I've had the first time. Although I traveled in a different 'corner' of the Cevennes, I had the feeling that I've been there before. Just as I had experienced the first time. And now, as I look back at the drawings I made then, just as the one you can see here, it all looks very familiar to me.
Pen and watercolor on 300 grs Canson paper, 30 x 40 cm.


IF - Clutter

Sometimes I sit behind my drawing board and wonder how on earth I can draw something, surrounded by the clutter. But last night, suddenly, I had a 'visitor' and I knew I had the answer for this week's topic in Illustration Friday right in front of me!


Somewhere in Tuscany

Lately I'm trying to draw cityscapes a bit more loose than I used to do. It's more difficult than I thought. Somehow the old technique in which I'm used to draw, slips in and makes it a drawing with a much more technical look than what I had in mind or how the sketch looked like. As for instance this drawing. The sketch had much more contrast between the colours, but the inking looks almost how I wanted it. So I'm making progress. A bit.
The subject is a little town in Tuscany, Italy, where I spend one day during a cycling holiday in 1996. Unfortunately I didn't make notes on the little sketch about the name of the village, so if anyone of you has any suggestions: you're welcome.
Pen and ink on 300 grs Canson.