Somewhere in Tuscany

Lately I'm trying to draw cityscapes a bit more loose than I used to do. It's more difficult than I thought. Somehow the old technique in which I'm used to draw, slips in and makes it a drawing with a much more technical look than what I had in mind or how the sketch looked like. As for instance this drawing. The sketch had much more contrast between the colours, but the inking looks almost how I wanted it. So I'm making progress. A bit.
The subject is a little town in Tuscany, Italy, where I spend one day during a cycling holiday in 1996. Unfortunately I didn't make notes on the little sketch about the name of the village, so if anyone of you has any suggestions: you're welcome.
Pen and ink on 300 grs Canson.

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comfortablydumb said...

I really like this one. The overall tone of it is a little gray, but I really like the composition and the detail. Very nice. =)