IF - Memories

After I've driven my Citroën GSA for two years, see my previous post on the 6th of June, I decided it was time to buy a driver's car. The car of my choice became an Alfa Romeo Guillietta. It was a bit of a bargain, because the car came from a dealer who had to close his business. I paid € 5000 (more or less $ 5500) for this piece of real Italian car-engineering. Sadly enough it came with the little rust-devil included, but at least it drove like hell. Especially on wet asphalt! Such drifting fun: full throttle around the corner. I remember one corner just out of town in particular which was so much fun to take when it had been raining, that I often went for a drive in the middle of the night just to drift there. With no other traffic around, of course.
But finally I had to bring this car, just like the Citroën, to the scrapeyard too. Now I only have this drawing, some photographs and sweet memories.


Peter Breese said...

Great drawing and story, I still remember my first car... Old Yeller (it was loud and soft yellow in color)... what a fun crap heap that was :).

INDIGENE said...

Cool drawing and lovely post!