IF - Punchline

A tree is always a joy for every living creature. Even for a dwarf with a big axe.


Holiday sketch

I'm not sure I made this drawing back in 1993 or 1995. In those two years I've held my holiday in France, bycicling in the Cevennes near the borders of the river Tarn. I don't even kept a record in which town I made the original sketch. The only thing I know it's the river Tarn and that we couldn't sleep there because of the noise the ducks made at night! It's about the only time I was glad to leave a campingsite.
During the day we never saw a duck (nor many people), but we made sure that the next campingsites during the trip were located far from a river or at least on the borders of a streaming river. So that when the noisy ducks show up at night, they quickly float by: "au revoir, monsieur Canard!"
Technique: pen and watercolor on Canson 300 grs.


(Almost) forgotten

Last night I rushed out the door to bring a drawing to our neighbours. Just when I thought I've forgotten something, I realized instantly that I left my keys on the sidetable. I went back to our house, just to see our frontdoor being closed...
Luckily for me our neighbours also have a key of our house. Anyway, to cut a long story short, it reminded me of the topic on Illustration Friday this week.


Citroën GSA

After I had to sell my first car (a Mini) due to financial problems, it took me several years to buy another car. Because my brother drove a Citroën CX, I bought in the mid-eighties a 1975 Citroën GSA. It wasn't a very good car, in fact it was quite rusty, but it drove in a very smooth way. Very relaxing, I must say. Great design also.
I drove the car for two years and then gave it to my sister. She drove this car also for two more years before bringing it to the scrapeyard. It would have costed to much money to bring the car back in tiptop shape.