I usually had great problems with my cellphones: dust. I keep my mobiles always in the pockets of my trousers. Most people don't, I guess, because no one ever confirmed to me they have the same problem: dust in the phone. So you'll have difficulties making pictures are reading the screen in daylight, for instance.Untill I had a great brainwave: waterproof means also dustproof! So when my provider offered a waterproof phone for free in combination with a cheap subscription, the deal was quickly made. Now I'm dustfree calling, textmessaging or internetting. It even has a flashlight!



This week's topic on Illustration Friday is 'Adrift'. This was the first thing I thought of. Perhaps a bit empty on the horizon: should I have drawn a shore? Maybe it's better this way.



Hidden in a pile of old sketches I found this drawing in pen and ink. I made it several years ago, based on a painting made by the American artist Thomas Blackshear. According to the notes I made on the back of this drawing I've worked more than two months on it, with a 0.18 technical drawing pen.
I didn't find any print of Blackhear's painting I've based this drawing on so far, not in the pile of sketches nor on the internet. So I can't judge the result. I only know that I won't make much drawings like this one anymore nowadays. This technique is very time consuming and I don't have that much time/patience, let alone the fact that I was single back than...;-)


Happy Bags

Among many other time-occupying activities I'm working on a commisioned job. It's supposed to be an eyecatcher on a new website, build by a friend of mine. The sketches took some effort, because I had a bit of a hard time drawing bags with a funny and happy outlook.
Now I've inked it, it looks more promising then I expected. All I have to do now is colouring the drawing, in the exact same colours I've coloured other drawing about two years ago... Wish me luck.