Illustration Friday Book

It's been a long time since I've been contributing something to Illustration Friday. This week's topic "Book" inspired me to make an illustration of an old, many used book.
Pen and ink.


Guardian Angel

My bike's steering wheel broke last week, while I was commuting to my work. Luckily enough it didn't cause a crash. I managed to stop without too much trouble. I guess my Guardian Angel was riding with me.
What caused the steering wheel to brake is still some kind of mystery. I never have had this experience before, nor fellow bikers around me. I now fitted a real MTB-steering wheel on my trekking bike, just to be sure this doesn't happen again.



Sometimes it's just fun to make a quick sketch with ballpoint. This is a sketch of a Japanese Oyster. They can also be found in other parts of the world. They're named Japanese, but that doesn't mean they can only be found in the waters around Japan. They can also be found in the Mediterranean or in the North Sea. Even on the shores of a tiny little Chinese island. But that can cause diplomatic tension nowadays.


Piece Of Cake

You might think that drawing a piece of cake would be very easy. Well, think again. Drawing a piece of cake in black and white is far from easy. In colour is easier, because you can basically use basically two colours: pale yellow and raw sienna. Adding a few tones of grey for depht purposes and “Presto”!. In black and white the struggle is not to make the drawing to dark as a whole and try to find a balance between toning the crust and the cake itself.