Something To Think About

About a year ago I was cycling in Germany. It was an organised cyclingweekend, meant to keep in shape for the season to come. The weather was friendly, although a bit cold in the mornings, but temperatures were during the day comfortable enough to ride in cyclingshorts.
Our guide, having many years of cycling experience, told us that particarly these weatherconditions are the cause of many knee-problems racing cyclists suffer from. Because you think it's warm enough to ride in shorts, the knees are remaining too cold during the day which may cause rheumatic complaints in the years to come.
Keeping this in mind I actually bought a pair of knee-pieces, just to wear them while cycling in this time of the year when Spring just peeks around the corner.


Where'd You Think You're Going?

It's allways nice to know where you'd be going. A useful gadget to inform you about that while riding your bike, can be a bike-bell with build-in compass. In that case you can see in what direction you're going without having to stop and dig up your compass from somewhere where you thought you had it stowed away. Usually the last place you are looking in.
Is it usefull, such a bell? Well, when you are about to start your weekly workout tour and want to now from which direction the wind is blowing, it is. Otherwise, when your cycling a multiple days trekking tour, I doubt that, because in that case you've allready planned basically the route. But when cycling a daily tour starting from your home, it can be usefull to adjust your route to have tailwind on your the last leg back home.


Beating The Average Speed

Now it looks like Spring has finally arrived, I've started my usual weekly bike-training. I've only done three rides now about 50 km each and last sunday I finally cycled an average speed which gives me a bit of confidence about the shape I will be in this coming Summer.
Each year the starting of a new season is a bit of a mystery to me on what level my condition stand. I don't cycle indoors during Winter, so I have a bit of a set back in Spring to other cyclists who train on their spinning bikes during the cold months. I just try to ride as much as I can outdoors during Winter. Gives me more stamina and joy, especially when I can follow cyclist about half of my age from which I know they've trained all Winter in the gym on a spinning course.