Same drawing, now colored


Small car in an old barn

Just a loose drawing I made today from a photograph. Sometimes you still can spot them in the French countryside: old barns with old cars in them. Somehow the Citroen 2CV still appeals to me as a car made to be drawn. Unless cars made nowadays, which mostly all look the same. So I couldn't resist drawing this car and barn when I came across this picture. I believe it was on Flickr.com (great site btw), but I'm not sure.


Illustration Friday

This week's challenge on Illustration Friday is: Fearless.
The sketch of the drawing above was the first thing which came up in my mind in relation to this subject: a little pirate on a small boat.
Pen and ink with washes of black Schmincke watercolor.


Liberation Day

On May 5th we celebrate Liberation Day. Then we celebrate our freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of religion. We remember the people who gave their lifes, mostly young guys around 20 years old, for our freedom more then 50 years ago. Thanks to their greatest sacrifice man can give we now have the right for freedom, but also the obligation to respect that.