IF - Wrinkles

I drew this sophisticated lady for a commission almost two years ago. At that time it was just a part of a lot of other drawings I had to make. The deadline was very tight and the weather was very nice, so I drew most of the drawings in a rush. But now I see that this lady has the chin of my mother and the eyes of my father and that pointed finger has also something to do with a phrase most mothers use:"Listen to me, my son, didn't I tell you that ..........". Recognizable? Spooky, isn't it?
Anyway, in about two weeks from now we can honour our mothers again. Or their wrinkles ;-)


IF - Fail


Save, part two

The shoe on the sign gave me a bit of a headache. I just couldn't draw it in the right angle and made several sketches. It almost became an endless journey to make this drawing and I've had to make a decision what to do. I drew the shoe in the best way I could, but I'm not really happy with the final result of it in this illustration. But I think the message is clear: Save The Worms.


It's very important to save the first selfportrait your 4-year old son has made. Said the sentimental but proud father...


IF - Homage

As I'm lately mainly posting illustrations as a result of the subjects on Illustration Friday, you might expect that I would place an homage to that site. But in fact I'm doing that with every posted Illustration Friday-illustration.
Then what, you might ask. Well, I could place an homage to Rembrandt or the founder of internet or several other people who play a great role in what I'm doing. But then I thought of the reason I picked up illustration last year.
My wife and I were in a graphicbook store and there they sold, among everything else (for instance: thousands of graphic books!), big posters of illustrations. On one of the posters the illustrator had drawn a marvelous Citroën DS. Unfortenately that poster wasn't for sale. The owner of the bookstore wanted to keep it for himself, because he had sold the place and would close the store. My wife asked me on the way home why I didn't make an illustration of a Citroën DS myself.
One of the first sketches I made was a sketch for a poster, as you can see. So here's my homage to my own DS (goddess in French): my wife ;-)