Keeping The Head Warm

Most people won't use a balaclava on their bike. Simply because they don't go biking in freezing cold weather. Of course I have done that, otherwise I didn't put up this topic. But I must say that it became very sweaty under the balaclava. It didn't feel comfortable at all. Furthermore I've had a terrible odour afterwards. So nowadays I use an other sort of hat during freezing cold bikerides. The balaclava will only be used on, for instance, freezing cold hikes. I don't know how that works out, because I haven't hiked yet during freezing cold conditions. But I promise I'll keep you informed.
Pen and ink with Visconti pen.



Not only gloves will help keeping you warm on your bicycle during winter. Good socks will be helpfull too.
I have several types of wintersocks. Some of them made from wool, others made from mixed fabric. When it's extremely cold I use two pairs.
The pair I've drawn are warm enough to use when it's about zero degrees Celsius. Below that temperature I have to put on a second pair. Sometimes I even put on my neopreen overshoes. But only when it's extremely cold and windy and I've planned a long ride.



Cycling in winter demands good gloves. This weekend I bought a new pair. As you can see the padding should be sufficient enough for nice long touring.
My old pair of wintergloves didn't give much protection against the cold anymore. My wintergloves last about three seasons. I use them on my racing bike and trekking bike. It's important to take good notice that you have to look for windstoppers instead of, for instance, gloves that you use for skiing. Those get much too warm when cycling and gives you wet hands. That's not a nice feeling while cycling. That's why I always buy gloves with good protection against the wind. So my ride at cold days to, for instance, my work and back home will be much more fun than working on the office.
Come to think of it: cycling will allways be more fun than working.
Pendrawing made with my Visconti.