Mask - the movie

This is the mask used in the movie with Jim Carrey. Long I've been thinking it was just a mask made by a prop artist, but thanks to internet I found out that it was based on a Norse mythology god, called Loki. Quite an interesting character, I must say. You can find more information about him here .
I made this drawing partly by using the dry brush method. Although the original mask is green, I find the drawing more appealing in black and white.


Six words short story

The mysterious treasury couldn't be opened.

That could be an idea for a story, I thought.


Ancient mask

The initial sketch for this drawing started in fact as a doodle, just to warm me up for making another drawing which I will post later. The original mask can be seen in the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford, Great Britain. A rough wooden mask worn during the carnival and then hung over the stable door or in front of the hay as protection.
I don't know where to protect against, but what I do know is when I draw masks I allways see someones face in it. As in this drawing I see several faces of people I know.
Pen and watercolor, black and white.


The Story Of Your Life

The story of someone's life can be read just by looking at the artifacts stacked away on the attic.