Kind of Blue

In my effort to make some "moody"-drawings, I made this one with an overall blue tone. We went for a short ski-holidaytrip to a little town in Austria, named Schruns. My wife knew that place because she has skied there before, long before I've met her. I must say, it's an excellent ski-resort. It has good slopes, not too busy and the town of Schruns has a cosy bar named The Hemingway-bar. Ernest Hemingway has spend some months in Schruns to write, I forgot on which book, but that doesn't matter. Just the idea that somenone of his kaliber had been there, makes it a special place, I think.
The drawing also turned out to be a little bit "special" itself. I still don't know what to think of it. Somehow it isn't bad, but on the other hand it didn't turned out to be good either.


Tuscany, part II

This drawing is a remake of the one I made about two months ago. That one was a bit dark, grey, cold, anyway far from the warmth one can experience when staying in Tuscany. I've tried to bring a bit more sunshine into this one. And made a few adjustments in the cut out and perspective.
Pen and watercolor on 300 grs Canson