Agfa ISO-Rapid IF

It is difficult to imagine how pictures were taken in the pre-digital ages. For instance in the early sixties of the last century. The Agfa ISO-Rapid IF had no build-in flash, so when you had to take a picture indoors a flashbulb was needed. One at the time, manually putted in top of the camera and then manually adjust the shuttertime.
After you've taken the picture you didn't know instead everything would look in print as you'd imagined it. Only after developing the film and printing on paper you could see the result. It was better to take two pictures of the same subject, just to be sure. So you had to replace the used flashbulb, threw it away and put another on top of the camera.
Taking pictures then was an expensive hobby. Now I know why my father didn't use that camera very often. It sure helped to keep this camera in the excellent condition it is today, though.

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