My First Camera

Things you find when you're cleaning your attic. For instance a box full of old camera's. When I was twelve years old I won my very first camera on a fancy-fair. I still know that I was somewhat suspicious about it, because I didn't expect it to work. After all, it was a price won on a fancy-fair and prices won there didn't had the reputation of being reliable.
It was the Agfa Autostar X-126, a plastic viewfinder camera for 126 (Kodapak) film cartridges. On top you can mount X-flashcubes. I don't know if these are still available, nor do I know what that camera actually costed back in the seventies. Nowadays on internet the asking price is around fifteen dollars.
I made a lot of pictures with it, although I see now on the few photo's I still have in my possession that they were all a bit unsharp. But what could you expect from a give away, eh?

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