Sketchbook #4


Sketchbook #3

A car and a lady, rocks and type.
Sometimes I sketch daily,
Sometimes at night.
Sometimes with pen
With a touch of colour,
But mostly in black and white.

(an illustrator is somewhat like a singer/songwriter, I think.)


Illustration Friday Atmosphere

In this sketch I've tried to catch the atmosphere of a sunny morning in a quiet French village. What you see is a little service station, with the Citroen 2CV AZU in front of it.



Last week I've read a short story about a little, grumpy, ugly man. It was a very funny story by the Dutch author Peter Schaap. Almost from the beginning of that story I've had a certain type of person in mind. After I've read the story I almost automatically drew this sketch in my sketchbook.



Some faces I've sketched, just to try out a new sketching-pen. It turned out to be a nice piece of equipment.