Waiting For The Bus

One allways wonders what's the story behind a picture. Actually, I don't know. I was just making some sketches and this became the result. Who knows why this boy is standing at a bus stop with all that luggage...



Everybody knows: treasures have to be kept in subterranean hiding places!


Not an ordinary sketchbook

The time had come to buy a new sketchbook. After years using all sorts of sketchbooks, I thought it was about time to buy a proper sketchbook. A sketchbook many people talk about on the net. A sketchbook which has its own weblog. A sketchbooks with many admirers. Maybe more admirers then certain religions have. A sketchbook people might look at as if it is a religious object. A sketchbook which is more then just a sketchbook. A relic. An icon. My First Moleskine.
Now let us hope it improves my drawing skills. The first doodles are already made and are here in the open to be looked at. I made them with a simple black ballpoint pen. Just what came up in my mind, the old guy, or what I looked at: a window, a picture in a magazine.



This week's topic on Illustration Friday is: Brave. It reminded me of the time I thought it would be fun to jump parachute. Well, the first jump was fun, because you don't know what to expect. But then, the jumps after the first one! That's a totally different story. Then you imagine what can go wrong. So, you have to be brave to make that second jump. And then another, and another, and another.


Ink with watercolor exercise

This exercise should actually have been a little, wooden boat. According to Michael Warr's book "Capturing texture", that is. But I've drawn a boat two weeks ago, so I choose a subject which is a little closer to me than boats.
The exercise is about how you can put texture into an inked drawing by adding watercolor. In this exercise it also had to be a monochromic study. I like black and white drawings most, so that's what I've made. I think it has depth and a certain "breadness", although it's in black and white.