IF - Tales and Legends

You probably all know the legend of the Dutch boy Hans Brinkers who saved Holland from flooding by putting his finger in a hole in the dyke. Let me tell you that it's not a true story.
In fact it was an earthworm who prevented the flooding. As you can see, I caught him in the act. It's about time that we give this worm the credits he deserves!


My first car

Back in 1981 I bought my first car: a Mini. The engine was originally designed for an Austin Allegro and was 1300 CC. Because of the relatively low weight of the car itself, this combination gave a tremendous power-weight ratio. With this car it was possible to make an U-turn with 70 km/h (50 miles/h)! Which I once did on a lonely road, late at night. It gave the same sensation as driving a go-kart.
Unfortenately I couldn't afford the car because a lack of income (I was a student at that time), so within a year I had to sell it. But the car gave me some good memories and a lot of fun to make this drawing.


IF - Plain

This week's topic was a real mindbreaker, because of the fact that the subject is so...eh...plain. After a brainstorming session with my wife this idea with the bookworm popped up.


IF - Stitch

For this week's Illustration Friday-topic I started with a needle and thread. But at the end the thread had transformed into a stitched earth-worm. Maybe because I've worked in our garden last weekend?


Land Rover Defender 90

Land Rover celebrates this year her 60th anniversary. After all those years the basic style of the first Land Rover can be seen in the Defender models. This icon of 4x4 cars is still going strong and keeps looking good. Personally I find them nowadays a bit too luxurious. I prefer the more basic Series III model.


Kidsweek Junior

As I mentioned a couple of messages before, some illustrations were about to be published in a Dutch weekly newspapers for 7 year olds. Last friday the newspaper arrived by mail and I must say that yhe result was beyond mine expectation. The designer had made a great effort to get rid of some 'blur' of the watercolorpaper which occured after I scanned the originals. Spot the difference between the original and the print. Nice, isn't it?