2CV in black and white

I noticed that I didn't have drawn a Citroën 2CV for quite a while. So I made this one: an old garage with a, perhaps, forgotten car in it. It was fun to draw and I made the drawing according what I had in mind. That's the fun part of drawing, especially when drawing cars. After all: they're men's favourite toy. Aren't they?


Recipe for a pizza

Making a pizza isn't very difficult. First you start off with a nice sketch, based on a real life model or on a good picture.
Then you start with the inking. Already during the inking I use different styles and linings to add a bit of depth and dynamics into the drawing. In this stage it's important not to draw to much tone, because that can ruin your colouring later on and make your drawing look less brisk.

Then I remove all the pencil with a plastic eraser. I don't like to use the kneaded erasers. They leave behind a sort of oily substance on the surface, which doesn't let the watercolour flow the way I like it.

Then it's time to add the watercolours. I mainly use very small palets of colour. Just to be safe, but on the other hand I use brushes which are more than twenty years old to give me little surprises when adding the colours to the paper.

So there you have your pizza. Made in pen and watercolour on simple 150 grs white drawing paper. I hope you liked this little insight look about how I work and if you're getting inspired by this lecture please let me know the result.


Currant bun

Current theme is the currant bun. A very tasty one, I must say. Colour and shape look good. Not all currant buns I know have this shape. Most buns look very pale and have not enough ingredients. That are currant buns made without love and only for the profit. That doesn't last long. I remember I've had a couple of years ago an intense discussion with the manager of the bakery shop here in our village. The shape, taste and looks of their currant buns changed overnight and I said to him that wasn't the right thing to do. They must not try to make the same products a supermarket sell. A bakery has to offer a (better) alternative for the consumer. He totally agreed with me, but said it was a companies decision. So he had nothing to say about it. I found that a weak excuse. Since then I stopped buying currant buns there. I'm still waiting they change their company policy about the buns. Besides that, nobody has to tell me how buns should look like!



Eating pancakes comes at our home always with a warning: careful, due to unresistable deliciousness you tend to eat to much of them. May cause serious stomachproblems!
Luckily our kids are used to this, but the guests they invite to our home sometimes aren't.
Pen and ink and watercolor (the drawing, that is, not the pancakes).