Currant bun

Current theme is the currant bun. A very tasty one, I must say. Colour and shape look good. Not all currant buns I know have this shape. Most buns look very pale and have not enough ingredients. That are currant buns made without love and only for the profit. That doesn't last long. I remember I've had a couple of years ago an intense discussion with the manager of the bakery shop here in our village. The shape, taste and looks of their currant buns changed overnight and I said to him that wasn't the right thing to do. They must not try to make the same products a supermarket sell. A bakery has to offer a (better) alternative for the consumer. He totally agreed with me, but said it was a companies decision. So he had nothing to say about it. I found that a weak excuse. Since then I stopped buying currant buns there. I'm still waiting they change their company policy about the buns. Besides that, nobody has to tell me how buns should look like!

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