For this week's topic of Illustration Friday I found a good example in my dusty archive. I made two drawings of sailing boats in 1990-1991. I only have this one left. I don't know where the other drawing could possibly be. I kept record of all my drawings then, whether I made them in commission or for my own pleasure or testing out a new technique. But those two drawings never made it to my little notebook. Luckily enough I found this one today.
I remember when making these two drawings I realised that drawing a seascape is very similar to drawing a landscape. I found it even more difficult. Apart of the chosen subject, for example a sailing ship, you have to carefully look how you make the shading and the atmospheric perspective. Especially when you're working with watercolors. There is not much room for errors. One stroke to many and you can start all over again.
Pen and watercolor on 300 grs Canson, 210 x 297 mm.


Ellen said...

Well this should have been in that notebook because it is a wonderful piece!

mcverhoog said...

thanks Ellen. I've made a note about this drawing in my little notebook!

Monica Crowe said...

Beautiful work from the creases in the sail to the crests on the water.