The Cloud

There's a big fuzz about 'The Cloud'. It's not exactly clear how it looks like, all I know it's a way to storage your documents. Not on your own computer, but somewhere remote. Maybe on a deserted island, with beautiful beaches, a nice climate and friendly people. In that case I'd rather bring my documents on a usb-stick to them for storage reasons. And when I'm zipping my cocktail lying in the shade of a big palmtree I know that these people take good care of my documents, instead of some unknown "cloud". I read an article about the work of Murray Tinkelman lately on the internet. I took the challenge of drawing with my Visconti-pen in that way. Drawing the sky with some clouds seemed on forehand a safe subject to draw. The final result doesn't come close to the work of Tinkelman, of course, but it was fun to do. And that's the whole purpose of drawing, I think.

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