The salesman

We were in a little town in France, awhile ago. There we saw our favourite car: the Citroën DS Break. We hope to have one, someday...

Anyway, I made a quick sketch. The car reminded me of the old days. When I was young there came twice a month a salesman at my parents bakery and he drove such a car. It made quite an everlasting impression to me. Due to the good suspensionsystem of the DS you might expect that the salesman sold eggs or something else that need to be carefully transported. But nothing whatsoever: big bags with flour and big boxes with all kinds of bakerystuff! The eggs bytheway were brought in a big truck, with two very strange guys, but that is a completely different story.

As you might expect, or not, I am not in possession of a photograph of the salesman in the Citroën DS Break, so I had to sketch him by memory. Forgive me the dislikeness (Disclaimer for the family of the salesman). I also made up a fantasy-setting regarding the background. Note for example that I now let the salesmen transport eggs in his car: 'oeuf' is French for 'egg'. Also you can see in the background another Citroën. It's a 2CV, a car which is also rarely seen nowadays. Maybe I'll sketch one of those in the near future.

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