Drawing exercise

"Once upon a time ago" I tried to make a living by drawing. But things went a little different as planned and I had to change course. For years I didn't draw at all, but recently I took up the old pencils and digged up the old sketchbooks. I also bought a teaching book "Capturing Texture by Michael Warr" which I can recommend to anyone who loves drawing and painting.
I wanted to use the book to pick up my old drawing pace, but luckely enough I must say that there's so much coming to me that I hardly find time to work out every idea that's coming up. Of course the internet is nowadays a big source of ideas and drawing techniques. But I must say that an old-fashioned book can be inspiring as well. Not to ignore the fact that pictures look better in print than on the screen of your computer.
The exercise above was about drawing a piece of white paper on a white background with only an HB pencil to be used.


Miki said...

Greetings from another "drawer"!
I am happy to meet somebody who is drawing because nowadays everybody just wants to paint, of course, the good results come sooner, with help of the colours! Drawing is such a pure, naked art! I love it!
I have given many drawing lessons, but most of time I had to convince the people who came to my art school that they should learn drawing before painting... it was always a fight. But once they had started they enjoyed it, enjoying above all that they could do it everywhere and only with a pen and a paper.
Go on, mister! And show us your drawings, I will wait for them with impatience!

mcverhoog said...

Hi Miki,
Nice to hear something from another 'drawer'. I'll try to post more drawings in the near future. Thanks for visiting my blog.