Citroën BX

More than ten years ago I bought my second Citroën: the model BX. At that time I played in a band so I choose the stationwagon. It was really a big car, the complete band's soundsystem could be transported with my car! The other guys always drove with another car to our (not so many) gigs and the guy with the drumkit had to go by his own car. Those were the days!
I parked my car always on the other side of the road, because there was a Citroëngarage. I kind of hoped they would spontaneously buy my car, because (I thought) it was a real classic of it's own. Nowadays I know what a real classic car looks like and which ones are worth their money. The Citroën BX still isn't...
Anyway, it drove like a Citroën is supposed to do: very smoooooth and I had a lot of fun with it. So for old times sake I made this little sketch in which I remember how the car looked parked on the other side of the road.

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