New Years Eve

We've spend New Years Eve with friends. I usually make the Dutch New Years Eve treat: the 'oliebol', in English I think you call them 'fritter'. Because you have to make them in boiling oil, your house will be smelling for a few days that typical New Years Eve smell. Including your clothes and coats. But this year we didn't want our friends to bother with that smell, so I suggested I'd bake the fritters in their garage. No problem, only they didn't have a stove in their garage. Who hasn't? So, with a little improvisation, I've baked them on their gasoline camping heater. Fortunately that worked out well. The friends and family said that the fritters tasted excellent. Maybe because I've put a whole bottle of beer in the dough?


vfm4 said...

knap, oliebollen zo te tekenen dat ze er ook echt uitzien als oliebollen - misschien een beetje droog, dat wel... :-)

mcverhoog said...

Oliebollen kunnen er droog uit zien, maar meestal zijn ze van binnen lekker luchtig. Bier in het deeg doet wonderen ;-)