Potato Bread

Last week we went skiing in Austria. One of the many things I like about Austria, apart of the oudoor activities which can be practiced all year round in the wonderful Alps, is the wide variety of bread. One of my pleasures during our holidays is going out early in the morning to buy bread (after all I'm a son of a baker) and the morning newspaper (because I work for a publishing house).
As far as bread is concerned my big favourite is potato bread or as the Austrians called it themselves: "Kartoffelbrot". The last few days I've searced the internet to find recipes to make potato bread myself and discovered that there are quite many different recipes to bake one. So I guess I just start with one recipe and see what it brings. If it doesn't suit me I just try another recipe. And so on, and so on, and so on. I'll keep you informed about the progress I'll make!


vfm4 said...

looks very tasty!

as a son of a baker i assume you don't use a bread machine to bake bread but a real oven?

vfm4 said...

i meant, of course, you being the son of a baker, not me... :-)

mcverhoog said...

Indeed, I use the real oven to bake bread. That's much tastier than the machine. I also like to use my hands to make the dough!Occasionally we use the machine, I must admit, for instance to have fresh baked bread in the morning.