Holy Chair

With Autumn slowly sneaking in into our weather system, it's time to clean up the garden. Sadly enough that also means our relax chairs are going into their wintersleep in our little shed. These chairs are my favourites, I call them my Holy Chair. It's so nice to sit and relax in them after a hard days work. Enjoying the evening sun and reading a book or listen to some music.
With Autumn knocking on our door it's about time to do some paintwork outside and inside our house. So I guess I won't be posting a while, or on a very low pace, due to other urgent matters during my spare time.


joseph's art and stuff said...

nice chairs, i'm in the market for some comfy ones for our upper deck. good luck with the painting and chores. i've started mine as well.

Rob Carey said...

Nice- I think we all need chairs like this for the "end of the day."