This weekend we were visiting friends. They have bought a new house (almost two years ago)and finally our diaries matched to see eachother. My friend is captain on the 'Stad Amsterdam', a big ship which is making a world trip right now. The ship has two captain's and every eight weeks they switch, so they can have a sort of familylife with their wife and children. Althought a sailor don't want to stay to long between four walls.
Anyway, as usual it's very hard to think of something original to give as a present for people who moved to a new home. This time I thought it would be nice to make a drawing, frame it and give it as a present. First I wanted to make a drawing of my friend's old town, or ship, but than I thought of Google Streetview. I found out that there were pictures of their little town available on internet. Sadly enough Google didn't have pictures of their street, so I couldn't make a drawing of their new house. But from the other side of the water which flows through their town, Google Streetview had made pictures. I took the angle shown below, although I didn't exactly known which house was theirs. Of course I didn't make a phonecall to check that out.
When we arrived at their place, I suddenly saw that their new home isn't visible from this angle, because of the tree in the foreground, so I didn't draw their house...
Luckily enough they liked the drawing very much and especially the story behind the 'making of'. They had not heard of Google Streetview untill yesterday, but were very surprised and interested in this new tool on the internet.

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