Taking a little nap on the countryside

This week's challenge on Illustration Friday is called "bicycle". Some say coincidence doesn't exist. I had made sketches for a drawing about a guy taking his afternoon nap. Two weeks ago you could have seen part of those sketches on my entry for IF's challenge "bottled". Working out that drawing I thought of putting a sign on the car the guy is resting against, saying he works as a bicycle repairman. Doing so, my son told me he had trouble with the gearshift on his bicycle which need to be repaired...
Anyway, this is my 200th message on this blog. So time for some celebration and after that a midday nap would be nice.

Pen and watercolor on Fabriano 300.


Coreopsis said...

This is a charming picture. I really like the detail--like in the bread, and all the stuff around him.

mc verhoog said...

Thanks Coreopsis, and let's hope he had a good rest to continue his work!