Ben l'Oncle Soul

Sometimes you come across the work of a very talented person on a unexpected place or at an unexpected time. In this case I heard a very nice tune sung by a candidate on a television talent seeking show called 'The Voice of Holland'.
It took me some time to figure out who was the original artist who sung this touchy song. I just had to buy this guy's cd! It turned out to be a young French artist, called Ben l'Oncle Soul. According to his biography "Ben l'Oncle Soul is a French soul singer with a retro style who made his eponymous Top Five hit album debut in 2010. Born Benjamin Duterde in 1984 in Tours, Indre-et-Loire, France, he took his name and look from Uncle Ben, the fictitious elderly African-American man dressed in a bow tie who serves as the brand image of Uncle Ben's Rice. The moniker Ben l'Oncle Soul was chosen rather than Uncle Ben to avoid any charges of trademark infringement."
So the next time you'll eat your rice, put on his music and enjoy!

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