Boz Scaggs

When I first heared the sound and music of Boz Scaggs, back in 1976, I was sold immediately. His then published album 'Silk Degrees' is a very well balanced piece of work. No song doesn't feel or sound out of place. Nowadays this album is still a joy to hear.
After this album, which I bought on cassettetape (!), I started to gain more albums and one that also appeals to me is the one he published in 1971, simply called: 'Boz Scaggs & Band'. An album, which I bought on vinyl, I discovered in the late eighties in a little record store. There are some bluesballads on that album that still gives my goosepimples listening to them, especially "Runnin'Blue" and ''Why Why". Luckily all his work is now available on cd, so I can still enjoy his music. Even at this moment, with his cd 'Moments' playing on my desktop.

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