Another Big Drawing

 Last year I made a sort of still life drawing of the brushes I mostly use, in pen and watercolor on postcardformat. It looked very recognizable to me (being my own brushes, of course) and had a certain 'tension' in itself which somehow appealed to me. After some time I wondered how it would look like if I made a big drawing of the same subject. Basically I only had to enlarge the pot in which the brushes are placed in, I thought. So last week I picked up my pencils and pens and started drawing. Below you can see the result, in pen and ink on A4-format.
Now I only have to have the courage to put some colour on it and not spoil the character of the drawing. That's what I'm always afraid of: the moment I pick up the brush to colour a inked drawing. It's some sort of point of no return.

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