Last month I've had lots of fun drawing a black and white pen drawing. So I've decided to draw another one. The choice was easily made: for long I wanted to do something with a sportscar, especially a MG. Back in the old days my nephews restored MG cars and many times my brother and I drove on our bicycle to the old shed where our nephews always seemed to have several MG's for restoration purposes. My job was mostly on the chassis: painting big black tar on it. A dirty job, but you know what they always say: "someone has to do it". As I was not very technical that was the best contribution I could do at the age of twelve, thirteen. The rewards were priceless: when the cars were ready we were invited for the testdrive on the nearby highway. After all, the maximum speed had to be tested. So without any safetybelt, helmet or other safety device, the exhaustpipe roaring, the heat of the motor on your legs and the wind blazing through your hair it gave an unique driving sensation. A once in a lifetime experience!
Pen and ink, 21 x 30 cm.

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