Illustration Friday - Hats

This week's topic caused me some problems. I found the subject 'Hats' rather common. Thinking of that the associations House of Commons, House of Lords and 'Hats' of State came up. But the last one is in my opinion not even close to a joke. Then I thought of the hats clowns wear (Popov, Pierrot) and suddenly I realised that the comedians that I admire most wear the same hats! Ballpoint and watercolor helped me to visualize this amazing discovery.


Monica said...

Very nice, I like the simplicity, the loose washes and the composition. I browsed through your blog and you have a lovely drawing style. Your illo for "Halloween" is quite adorable!

Crystal & Co. said...

I had the same difficulty with the topic. I think you executed it well, though. It turned out nice.

mcverhoog said...

Thanks Monica and Crystal for your kind words