Illustration Friday - Scale

When you're making an architectural drawing, you'll always have to be keen on the scale of things. For example the cartboard construction kit I had to draw for a publisher some years ago. The publisher was moving to a big, modern office building out of town and therefor leave the old buildings in the towncentre. For good times sake they wanted to give their employees, clients and other relations something to keep the memory to the lovely old buildings alive.
When I sketched the buildings I noticed pretty soon that they didn't fit in size to make the construction work. I had to downscale to far left building and upscale the two center buildings. This was what came up in my mind when I noticed this week's topic of Illustration Friday (or maybe I'm this week a bit too lazy to come up with a new drawing ;-)

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Josh (musarter) said...

When I saw the word "scale" I considered this approach. I think you pulled it off better than I would have.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and offering some kind words.