This weeks topic of Illustration Friday reminded me of our search during our recent holiday for fresh mushrooms. Although we were camping in France, we just couldn't find fresh mushrooms. Only canned mushrooms. And to top it, we didn't have a can opener in our luggage so I had to use my old armyknife to open the can. Of course that didn't work out well also, I'll spare you the details, so we were glad that our meal at least tasted as it was supposed to be.
And we couldn't find the wine we liked last year so much, either! Not to mention the weather. It was once again a remarkable holiday.


INDIGENE said...

Beautiful shading, line work and expression! Love it!


Josh (musarter) said...

Nice composition on this piece; it makes something mundane quit dynamic.

*daisy said...

nice! love the lines and color work- good job!