It took me a while, but almost a year after I opened my website finally it's complete. Not until my recent vacation I knew what to draw for the last remaining page. As you can see it's quite a logical subject for an illustrators website, but sometimes you have to take a distance from it all to get a good view or clue what to do. Helicopterview, piece of mind, or whatever. Vacation can be such a revelation (in many ways...).
Anyway, on the way back home I suddenly had the lumineus idea to draw one of the tools which are used to make pen drawings. To be honest I must say that it was quite a pain in the ass to complete that section on my website, because I had completed the text almost two months ago.
You can see the result of it all here. I hope you like it as much as I do.

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Lovely , very interesting work ,these pens are very pretty.
Good picture.