One of the prettiest climbs I've ever made, was the climb to the top of Col du Tourmalet back in the summer of '96. It was the last day of our stay in the French Pyrenees and the weather was just perfect: sunny, no wind and nice temperatures. Although I'm not a great climber on the bike and will never be, I enjoyed every bit of it. I can even remember a great part of that day. For instance the paragliders who've started on one of the slopes near the top. That was the first time I saw paragliders and I felt immediately for that sport. Or the fellow cyclists I spoke during the climb. There were even Americans from California, trying to ride the famous mountains of the Tour de France: Peyresourde, Col du Menton, Aubisque, Tourmalet, Portillon and so on and so on. A bit to much, I guess, but that's what Americans are known for ;-). At least they were cycling their way to the top. Unless the numerous guys that passed by in cars with their bikes on the roof, only just to make the descent. Cheaters!

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